On the Login page, click on “Lost your password?” and enter your email address. You’ll receive an email prompting you to reset your password.

If you are the “owner” (or contact person) for the subscription, you will have access to a group dashboard (under Account). On this page you can add or delete group members. Simply enter their name and email address.

Each member that you add will receive an invite, which will ask them to set up their own password.

Once the member has activated their account (by setting up their password) their role will change from “Invited” to “Member”.

See Group Dashboard Instructions.

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Yes! You can select the frequency of cross-Canada updates, choosing between daily or weekly email notifications. Or, zero in on a specific jurisdiction or topic.

Simply click on the appropriate link in any email to change your preferences.


Enter your search terms in the Search bar and click the Search button.


After searching for a term, you can narrow your results by using the filters (e.g. by Industry, Jurisdiction, Topic, Type and / or Date).



You can simply browse all of the posts from a particular province or time period, for example, by clicking the applicable filter(s).

Special Features to Drill Drown into Results

What’s Trending tracks hot topics and more granular changes to employment standards across the country. For example, see COVID-19 developments or recent amendments to Hours of Work, Record-keeping, Statutory Holidays, etc.

Click Clear Filters or the Optimize Employment logo at the top left of the site.


Yes! You can add or delete bookmarks as necessary. All of your personal bookmarks will appear in the sidebar.


To add, click on the bookmark button at the end of the post.


To remove a single bookmark, click on the applicable bookmark button again; to remove all bookmarks, click Clear Bookmarks.